Bi-Fuel Technology


• Bi-fuel system substitutes diesel with cost effective and clean natural gas in existing diesel generator set.

• Operates by blending diesel fuel and natural gas in the combustion chamber.

• Reduces the power generation cost substantially compared to diesel power generation.

• Allows engines to operate on 50% to 80% of natural gas and balance on diesel fuel
(The percentage of natural gas depends on the condition of engine and gas calorific value).

• Available for 250KVA to 1500KVA DG sets,


• Option to use gas for power generation at low Capital investment.
• Substantial savings in cost of power generation compared to diesel power generation.
• No Changes required in design or any parameter of existing dg set.
• Extended oil change period ( Lower maintenance cost )
• Extended top overhaul and major overhaul period
• Significant reduction of emitted contaminating gases
• Flexibility of fuel selection towards fluctuations of prices
• Transition without interruptions of 100% diesel to bi-fuel and vice versa
• Total maintenance free system